Writing Projects

Title: The Halfway House

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: Kidnapped monsters finally get a hope of escape.

Progress: Rough Draft 100 % Complete


Title: The Fishperer

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: A bounty hunter’s high profile job turns out to be more trouble than your average kidnapping.

Progress: First Draft 33% Complete


Title: Monarch Necrotic

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: Regicide plots in a realm shrouded in eternal night.

Progress: Rough Draft 58 % Complete


Title: The Deconstructor

Genre: Horror

Synopsis: A serial killer begins to question his sanity when a copycat killer emerges.

Progress: First Draft 100 % Complete


Title: The Twyned Earth series

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: In the merged mundane and fantasy world of Twyned Earth, someone is trying to start a war between both sides.

Progress: Book 1 Complete


Title: One Dead Prince

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: A lie about death could make King Fabien’s recent conquest a very short reign.

Progress: Rough Draft 100 % Complete


Title: War of the Heavens

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: When magic returns to the Zekiri tribe it comes at a cruel and terrifying cost.

Progress: Rough Draft 25 % Complete

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