The Maggie Celeste

(Please excuse the very rough blurb, this will be tidied up but not until after NaNoWriMo 2022!)

Genre: Science Fiction

Progress: Working on rough draft


Captain Ethan Doe is one of the most notorious pirates in the known galaxy, on the run from the tenuously forming Interstellar Board. When one of their warships finally catches up to him, it appears as though they’ve given up on the idea of taking him and his crew alive. He knows they don’t have a chance, so when a strange spatial anomaly opens nearby, he’d rather risk what’s on the other side than remain in the crosshairs of the notorious warship captain Hippolyta Banks, known among the stars as The Angel of Death.

Unfortunately, on the other side is a raging battle among hostile aliens with not a single familiar star system in sight.

Banks and her crew are dragged into the rapidly expanding anomaly, and her ship is badly damaged in the first seconds they emerge. Doe, knowing he lacks the skills for the situation and no longer with enough crew to fully operate his ship, realises that his only option for survival is to rescue those who wanted him dead and turn the agent of his doom into the deliverer of his salvation.