Who Am I?


Matt is a fiction writer and lover of all things fantasy, horror and sci-fi. Practically an obsession, creative writing has been among their hobbies since they could hold a pen but have only gotten serious about it since 2012. This is mostly because it’s difficult to be serious about gangster fairies and the like. Also something about university.

Matt’s works generally feature in weird and wonderful new worlds with magic and murders aplenty. More often than not adopting a tongue in cheek style, they write adventures that are fun, fast paced, action packed, and made to entertain.

When dragged back into reality, they’re a lost Highlander in elsewhere in Scotland working as a scientist to pay the bills. They have lots of hobbies and not enough time. Start conversations with them about cats at your peril. They’re terrible at writing romance and think they’re hilarious.

Twitter: @SchofieldCM

Instagram: @cmschof

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