Writing Samples

This slightly sparse page is where I will put links to excerpts, short stories and other pieces of writing. There isn’t much yet but I plan to slowly add more up for your reading pleasure! Watch this space.

Novel Excerpts:

Twyned Earth: Through the Black – A walk in the woods.

The Fishperer – Bounty.


Ballad of Baird: The Tower of Storms (Complete) – An arrogant, foolhardy hero takes on a sorcerer who has plagued the Glen for centuries. Part 1

Short Stories:

The Shower – A perilous survival story following Harold as he remembers all he has to live for.

Aurora Borealis – A search for the northern lights turns up something unexpected.

Day and Night – Silence is overrated.

Autumn – This metal detectorist really should have stayed home.

Other Pieces:

Writing Games 1: Michael, You’re Screwed – Non-canon short featuring Michael Poole of the Twyned Earth series.

Writing Games 2: A Place to Remember – Drunk pitches idea to TV execs.