Short Stories

As a writer, it would make sense to find some of my writing somewhere on my website. While long form writing is certainly where my strength lies, that doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally dip my keyboard into the world of short fiction. I have the following short stories available to read, and I hope you enjoy them.

Short Serials:

Ballad of Baird: The Tower of Storms (Complete) – An arrogant, foolhardy hero takes on a sorcerer who has plagued the Glen for centuries. Part 1

The Summons (Complete) – A telepath must choose between trusting their kidnappers or the fearsome monster they have summoned. Part 1

One Post Stories:

The Shower – A perilous survival story following Harold as he remembers all he has to live for.

Aurora Borealis – A search for the northern lights turns up something unexpected.

Day and Night – Silence is overrated.

Autumn – This metal detectorist really should have stayed home.


A Dance in the Dark

Thin banner showing a very green patch of forest with a peaty stream running through.