Monarch Necrotic

Genre: Fantasy

Progress: Rough Draft 58 % complete


There’s something wrong with Prince Lorik. The servants have noticed unnerving things. He’s been sleeping even less than usual. Neglecting his studies. He hasn’t struck anyone in weeks. A few days ago, he thanked his attendant for his lunch. Every day in the castle is hellish but change is worse. Tasha, his main attendant, has a curiosity more intense than her fear but she may never find out the truth of Lorik’s change.

Because Brant Gelder, the king’s aide, is going to murder him. His father, too.

King Fraven is a greedy and sadistic man. He has torn the realm of Vaskera apart and quite literally stolen the sun. His people are broken and hopeless. Brant can no longer live with the fact that has served this vile man so long.

Murdering the king and his deranged son is not as easy as it sounds though – they’re two of the most powerful necromancers in the kingdom, while Brant has less magical proficiency than his cat. To win, he and his coup must kill them both simultaneously, by surprise and with precaution to stop them coming back. All that, and also pray to all the gods it actually works because if they fail, the whole kingdom will pay.