The Twyned Earth

Set in the world of Twyned Earth, this trilogy follows a cast of unlikely heroes in an attempt to stop all-out war in this urban/high fantasy adventure. What starts off as a simple trip to the police station turns into an epic trek across worlds using both gigantic beetles and clapped out Peugeots as it quickly turns out that everyone is out to get them. Someone in high places wants this war and they aren’t afraid of who gets hurt in the process. To make matters worse, the unfolding of the mysteries lead our ‘heroes’ to discover that Earth and Twyne don’t just have each other to be afraid of.

BOOK 1 – Through the Black – Complete

BOOK 2 – The Fairy Godfather – Editing – First Draft 33 % complete

BOOK 3 – Witch Hunters – Awaiting Edits – Rough Draft 100 % complete

Through the Black Synopsis:

To Earth, Twyne was our fantasy come reality. Earth was Twyne’s nightmares incarnate. No one yet knows why these worlds merged, but in 1943, they did.

Sixty nine years later, this means nothing to Michael Poole. The merge is all he’s ever known. He’s still flat broke and dying for a drink as he hurtles towards middle age. When he receives a job offer out of the blue, he’s suspicious to say the least but what trouble can one boring job bring?

It’s while researching this fluff nature article that he stumbles upon a doorway to the dark underworld of Twyne, a doorway whose very existence is enough to start multiple wars. When he does the sensible and responsible thing, he finds out just how corrupt his world is. Feeling a kick from the man he used to be, he decides he’s not going to let this pass without a fight. Of course, that’s before finding out he’s standing against corrupt police and a horde of plotters, as well as his own conscience.

But he’s not alone.

The brains of their operation come from Tony, the shadiest man Michael’s ever met who just happens to be his four inch tall best friend. Transport’s covered by their chronically ill next door neighbour who they’ve sort of kidnapped. The muscle comes from a pleasant married couple who scare the living daylights out of all of them. And Michael’s job? Stopping them all from killing each other before the bad guys do it for them.


Through the Black: A Walk in the Woods


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