The Halfway House

Genre: Fantasy

Progress: Editing 1st draft


The ultra-rich always need something to spend their money on. Yachts. Islands. Gold Plated food and gem encrusted clothes. Anything to make themselves feel special. Like experiences. The chance to see things no one else gets to see. To be privy to the secrets of a world beyond our own. Want to meet creatures unlike anything in our plane of existence? Monsters from beyond the confines of our limited world? Dr Bracken can offer you that – for a price. In his secluded mansion, he holds all kinds of horrors.

Dr Bracken’s beasts, kidnapped as children and summoned to the mundane world where they were bound and diminished, spend their lives entertaining vapid humans they should instead be feasting upon. With wicked claws and fangs, a barbed tail, blue flesh, and arching horns, Rheaos is one of Dr Bracken’s most popular demons and after twenty five years he’s still just as powerless as ever against his captor.

That is until Rheaos’ second most hated human, Dr Bracken’s son Blair, returns to the mansion. As the pair’s rivalry swiftly worsens, it throws them both down rabbits holes that will challenge their perspectives on everything they’ve ever known… and could finally put Rheaos’ bound away powers within his grasp.




Rheaos and Blair art