War of the Heavens

Genre: Fantasy

Progress: Rough Draft 25 % complete


When the war that had avoided their people for centuries comes knocking at the door, religion rushes back to the Zekiri tribe in a frighteningly tangible way. Chieftain Remtor—a strong and wise leader in peace—finds his unquestionable, gods given right to rule taken from him and scheming priests acting against all logic. If he cannot regain some wisp of authority and soon, his whole tribe could be wiped out in the space of weeks.

Amthesta wakens to the whole tribe worshipping her as a demigod. The only thing she remembers is the screams of her enemies as she rained down fire from the sky. She doesn’t know how she did it. She doesn’t know who she was before. All she knows is this – she is the Hallow. Bestowed with power from the gods, she is the one chosen to lead their people in the most perilous time they have ever faced.


Because the gods are playing games with them. With the lives of her people. That’s something she takes very personally. Amthesta doesn’t care that it’s the gods themselves toying with the Zekiri. She’s going to put an end to it and she’s going to make someone pay.