The Fishperer

Genre: Fantasy

Progress: First Draft 33 % complete


When Xin’she Hydrocall sees a well-paying job go up on the board, she’s not one to say no. Not her usual gig, more a rescue than a capture, but as bounty hunting becomes an increasingly popular profession this is a great opportunity – especially with the honourable old school slowly dying out. The job’s profile is sky high and the prestige is just what she needs to remind people why to come to her over all these young wannabes.

If only everyone else didn’t have a similar idea.

There’s more at stake than bragging rights though as Eirgaloth the great whale sweeps erratically through the vast ocean world, carrying the whole realm upon its back. The Fishperer is gone. Kidnapped. Without him, Eirgaloth’s loneliness sends it searching the ocean surface for friendship. If it doesn’t find any—and soon—it’s going to start looking in another direction.

And it isn’t up.