One Dead Prince

Genre: Fantasy

Progress: Rough Draft 100 % Complete


Tiernan Breckenshrine is dead.

Eirach has been overrun by the forces of Avinbourg and the royal family are dead. The public don’t care about the rest of the royal family though. They care about Prince Tiernan, the only good-hearted Breckenshrine for as long as anyone can remember. King Fabien, ruler of the invaders, had planned to keep him captive, ransoming his wellbeing in return for the cooperation of the people. Things do not go to plan and Fabien’s one playing piece to prevent chaos is gone. However, the Prince was killed away from prying eyes and all it takes to bring him back from the dead is one little lie.

In the west, Princess Ornaith Breckenshrine loves her new life. Recently wed to a prince of Ravon’det, she is free of her cruel family and oppressive nation. Then the regular letter from her twin doesn’t come, replaced with news of the invasion.

Ornaith could have let the invaders be. No invader could treat the people worse than her own father had. To mourn the loss of Tiernan would be enough, not caring for her claim to the throne. But the news of her beloved brother—imprisoned and tortured in the capital—silences her gentle heart. She’s going to save Tiernan even if she loses everything she holds dear in the process.

Ornaith’s wrath isn’t the only trouble Fabien’s invasion unleashed. In the excitement, the witch Ashlyn escaped the castle dungeons. Fleeing south, she stumbles across a man who knows the true fate of the late Prince Tiernan. With the knowledge that could easily rally thousands against the invaders, Ashlyn has a plan but it isn’t the throne of Eirach she’s after.



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