Camp NaNo Update – Need More Words!

Just a quick update so you all know I’ve not vanished. Just been a little bit eaten by NaNoWriMo.

So we are past the half way mark for this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo challenge and I am worryingly behind! I should have seen problems arising – this month was never going to be a quiet one so things weren’t always going to go smoothly. Unfortunately, apart from expected set backs, there have been a couple of unexpected ones too and as such I’m starting to worry that I might not actually be able to hit the coveted 50k by the end of the 30th. Am I giving up? Am I heck! No chance! A wise man once said: “Never give up. Never surrender!” Okay, it wasn’t a wise man, quite the opposite (it was the captain from Galaxy Quest).

Anyway, I’m here to give you an update on Camp! I’m currently sitting at just over 30k. Not fantastic but not too shabby either. Click here to see my profile if you are at all interested. Aside from falling behind, the story is actually going pretty well (if I may say so myself). Things keep getting more intricate as I go which is nice, dispelling some of the worry I had that the story was extremely shallow. Also, as usual, the characters like to keep making themselves more complicated and never doing the right thing.

Another plus point is that, as it is set in the fictional half of the world in my storyverse, I am doing a lot of world building as I go and learning a lot about this world I have created. As well as a lot of standard fantasy creatures, there are quite a few that I have made up myself (such as the subterranean bat people or the feral mer people) that the more I write about them more I fall in love with them. I’m already planning completely separate stories just so that I can write about them in detail.

Anyway, as I say, just a quick update from me! I should be back to normal operating procedure the first week in May and give you a proper run down on just how Witch Hunters is going.

And if you too are taking part in Camp – Good luck and write write write!

Thursday’s Children: NaNoWriMo

First of all I would like to thank all of the other Thursday’s Children bloggers who dropped me a line last week! You guys are great and I felt so welcomed! If you missed last week’s post, Thursday’s Children is a weekly blog hop where writers share the things that inspire them. If you haven’t already, you should check out the link a the bottom to find all the other blogs that participate – you won’t regret it.

This week myself and a whole bunch of other writers are preparing for the madness of CampNaNoWriMo. This is a spin off of the yearly NaNoWriMo event, also know as “Month where several thousand crazy people try and write a novel.” These events inspire me to write for a few reasons (not including the fact that it is ridiculous fun) and are probably the only reason I have actually managed to complete two novels from start to finish. Okay, the deadline might not be for the finished article but getting 50k of the way through a novel is a damn good incentive to keep on going.

So why would I call it ‘inspiring’? For one thing, it’s a major kick up the arse. You have a day to start and a deadline. You can faff all you like before and after but when the month starts it is GO time. Write, write, write! There is something so freeing about having an excuse to just spew your imagination onto the page and not worry about the editing or anything. The freedom to just push forward with a story while knowing there are a few thousand other people doing exactly the same thing is a fantastic feeling and results in me getting stuff done! Having said that, the anticipation helps as well. I’ve been so excited for this to start that I have been meticulously planning every aspect of my story so that come April first I will be able to jump right in and go for gold.

Then there is the competitiveness. When it isn’t a NaNo month, I find my writing is greatly interspersed with internet breaks, unnecessary snack breaks and just general faffing about. But when the crazy starts again I have a goal and the competitiveness in me just drives me to write and write and write. If you ask anyone, they would probably tell you I am the least competitive person they know. It would probably be true as well. I despise competing against other people. Absolutely detest it. Competing against myself? Now that is a different story!

Of course, the community is also a great inspiration. There are all of these other people all going through the same crazy experience as you and they are all helping each other out through it. Between writing buddies, writing sprints, idea bouncing and critique swapping there is a lot to keep you going. What’s better as a frantic, sleep deprived, barely sane writer than more frantic, sleep deprived, barely sane writers? Exactly!

That’s it from me today. As I’ve already said, NaNo has been eating all my time and that will continue for the next month so my blog may seem a little quiet until May. In the meantime, why don’t you check out these awesome blogs in the link? You know you want to.

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A Very Special NaNo

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 is rapidly approaching and I am now in full swing preparation mode. At the weekend I finally finished draft two of the second Twyned Earth novel just in time for me to properly plot out the third.

For me, this will be a very special NaNoWriMo event. This is when I plan to start (and hopefully finish) the final novel to finish this story arc. I cannot wait to have it all down on paper (or Scrivener). Part of the reason for this is that, despite having two completed novels, I still don’t really feel like I’ve finished any of them because the main story arc is not complete. Honestly, I don’t know how professional authors do it – I don’t know if I could let go of a novel until the overall arc is finished. The closer I get to having the whole thing finished, the harder time I have thinking of it as three separate works.

Once the trilogy is complete I am going to be scouring through it for continuity errors, repetitions and other equally fun things until my brain is mush. I will then put it away for a few months and do it all again. My workmates think I’m insane but I’m sure my fellow writers understand – this work is my baby and you can be damn sure I’m going to do my best to make it good.

I think, once the work is completed as a whole, I will begin to consider whether it is worth trying to query book one. It’s a big and nerve-wracking step (yes, just thinking about it – I’m a wuss) but it is something I’ve been putting off thinking about. So now I’m going to put it off again with a bugger tonne of editing. As I’ve previously mentioned, I won’t be upset it I decide against querying as I’ve loved every moment I spent writing it. For now though, it is still a possibility.

With the nano cabin assignments yesterday, I am now extra excited. I even have a (very rough) synopsis up for it. I now know all of the major events in the story and have plotted scene by scene over a third of it. Huzzah! Though, I am slightly worried this is going to be much longer than the previous books. There’s a lot to pack into here. Oh well, that’s what the editing process is for.

So, who else is doing camp? Is this NaNo special for anyone else?