Project Status List


Project Type Stage Progress Status
TE1 – Through the Black Novel Revised Draft (1) 100% Beta
TE2 – The Fairy Godfather Novel First Draft 33% Active
TE3 – Witch Hunters Novel First Draft 0% Queued
The Deconstructor Novella First Draft 100% Beta
The Fishperer Novel First Draft 0% Active
One Dead Prince Novel Rough Draft 100% Queued
War of the Heavens Novel Rough Draft 25% Queued
BB1 – Tower of Storms Short Story Revised Draft (1) 95% Active

Looking at the above, it may confuse you that I have both ‘rough’ drafts and ‘first’ drafts. My draft labelling system works like this:

Rough Draft – Scrawled, terrible, unfit for eyes human or otherwise

First Draft – Prose fixed to become legible and most glaring inconsistencies addressed. Suitable for brave beta readers.

Revised Draft – Issues raised from First Draft addressed with close line edits. Suitable for skittish beta readers. Repeat as necessary.

Revised drafts consist of three stages: a chapter by chapter sweep; addressing notes made during sweep; and the printed-out line edit.