Progress Report – The End is Nigh!

Not going to lie, I do not have a lot to say to you today. I’ve had a busy week working on the editing, desperately wrestling with the rewrite of the final confrontation. I’ve been dealing with new orders from the doctor (I now have a magic “infection begone!” spray). And I’ve had a busy weekend being all gooey in the grey south with my partner where we celebrated our seven year anniversary. So that was nice.


You’re here for writing!

And I’m getting there, honest. The rewrite of the infamous ending scene has been completed, which leaves the remaining tasks before it is ready to be seen:

1.) The last scene and the short epilogue must be edited (total ~6k words)

2.) I need to work through the list of “desperately important minor points that I forgot to add,” currently consisting of about seven things

3.) I need to decide if I want to add/write a short prologue

I’m now fairly confident to say that it will definitely be ready to send out on the 28th. It was looking a little shaky there for a while, but no, I think we’re good. A little scary, sure, but this is the goal. Woooooo! I think. Okay, going to hide in a dark corner now. On the plus side, I have my “beaten my fears and actually taking a positive step” rewards sitting and waiting for me, which arrived today.

The Beautiful Rewards

Beautiful, aren’t they?

So tell me, how are all of your WIPs coming? How are you all progressing? And have you set yourself rewards for milestones?

2 responses to “Progress Report – The End is Nigh!

  1. Awww yih! Congrats on and woohoo about the great progress! Really looking forward to the read, if you’ll have me! And those look like great rewards – I might have to make mine The Witcher III…

    Interesting that you are considering a prologue – I’ve just been thinking about epilogues today. I don’t need one but i have some more wisecracking I want to cram in and I feel this is a good enough reason for an epilogue (probably not but shhh).

    Keep goiiiing!! 🙂

    • Thanks! 😀 And of course you’re on the list! I think you of all people might actually appreciate a couple of my terrible jokes.

      Yeah, thinking about a very short (>500 words) prologue to add a bit of setup. Not sure though. Will probably just write it and see how it feels.

      Yisssss, more wisecracking! Alllllll the wisecracking! 😀

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