The Verdict is in!

So, you may remember my last post where I put forth a poll to decide which idea I should follow through with for this year’s NaNoWriMo and, after having to call in a friend to smash down the tie breaker, there is a verdict!

This year, my NaNoWriMo project shall be…

*drum roll*

The Deconstructor! The tale of a serial killer and the revelations a copy cat killer brings about.

Okay, so I have my story. Now comes the tough bit – time to start planning! Now, I already know the basic plot. I know how this story starts and I know where it ends up. I just need to straighten out that wibbly bit in the middle. I’m really looking forward to this – not only am I excited by the concept but for so long I’ve just been writing my Twyned Earth series and I think a break from that will give me fresh eyes to go back and look at it properly. I am very close to having finished the final book in the trilogy which means editing time! And I think we all know that editing and fresh eyes go together like me and marshmallows. Oh yes. That’s pretty darn well.

I have a pretty intense October coming up. I really want to have Book 3 finished before the start of NaNo so that I don’t lose my flow for the final scenes. I also have a fairly intricate Halloween costume to craft and a novel to plan before October 28th. Oh, and Pokemon X is coming out on the 12th. Yes, Pokemon is high on my list of priorities. Don’t look at me like that.

So, if you don’t hear from me in a while – you know why!

Is anyone else doing NaNo? Have you got your stories picked out yet or are you going to see what you dream up on October 31st?

2 responses to “The Verdict is in!

  1. YAY! I love being on the winning team! I can’t wait to read your creepy serial killer tale!

    I’m planning a story where a boy visits a witch for a talisman, only to have his soul split into three people, unbeknownst to him (them?). Each of the talismans propels each boy down a different path, only to have them meet up again later, vying for power and the other two talismans. Only one of them will survive. I’m… just not quite sure which one yet. (Knowing me, I may just kill all three for kicks.)

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