How are people supposed to interpret your writing? And do they get it right?

I watched this film with my significant other, a film called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We both did. It did however lead to debate. We both took very different things from the film. I won’t go into detail because, even though it’s an old film, spoilers! It’s kinda weird and nice to discover by watching.

Anyway, they found the ending of this film very hopeful. They found it uplifting. Asking around, this seems to be the more popular interpretation of the ending. How did I see it? Despite thoroughly enjoying the film, I thought it was depressing as all hell. We both took very different messages from the exact same film. Which one of us was right? And, more importantly, does it matter?

I hope your not looking for some wonderful insight at this point. I don’t have any, but I would love your opinions.

It is my opinion that it is good that stories can be interpreted many different ways. For one, it opens discussion which is always fun. One of my favourite parts of going to the cinema is the dissection on the car ride home. Another reason is that the stories of the real world almost never have a unanimous interpretation. Just look at the news – there’s never an item that comes without debate. People’s opinions on what has happened, what should happen next and why things have happened never match up so why should they for fiction?

Have you written a story that has been interpreted multiple different ways and how did that make you feel?

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