Thursday’s Children: Gardens

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On Sunday, I went to a garden centre with my father to buy a huge bag of bird seed. Now, this might not sound particularly inspiring but it lead to me spending a good hour pottering around my own garden taking pictures in a flurry of world building inspiration. I’ve always had a keen interest in plants as I was pretty much raised as my dad’s gardening apprentice (I was once sent home with a note from my teacher for arguing that it wasn’t a Daffodil, it was a Narcissus and proceeding to list the different types). The garden has always been a place I loved to be and, especially as a child, a place where my imagination went rampant. I discovered on Sunday that this had not changed.

Already feeling rather inspired and uplifted as we perused the plants, when I came upon the following (which a snapped a sneaky picture of)  I felt the sudden pang for some major world building. World building is one of the reasons I love fantasy so much. I adore being able to completely create a world from the races, religions, economics all the way down to something as simple as unusual flowers. I don’t know why I particularly fell in love with these flowers but something about them just jumped out at me.


Sneaky garden centre shot.

So, when I got home I went around my garden and ended up with 76 different pictures from around my garden. Once I had done one complete lap I went back inside and looked through them all on the computer. From this short escapade, I found world building ideas just jumping into my head – and that is the wonderful thing about world building. All it takes is a little bit of inspiration toward one direction and then the ideas branch outwards and upwards (not unlike a plant) and from a picture of a bluebell I find myself developing a whole set of social etiquette for an invented race.

So, I thought I would share a couple of the pictures I took of my garden with you! Please excuse the quality – they were taken on my phone and I’m not exactly a photographer as it is. Still, I think they get the point across. Obviously I can’t bombard you with them all (as much as I’d like to) so here are a few that lead to a LOT of ideas.


A trillium by the steps.

Short cut to the pond.

Short cut to the pond.


Gorgeous and vivid Japanese maple.


Bamboo sun shield.

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21 responses to “Thursday’s Children: Gardens

  1. What are you talking about, those are AWESOME photos! I love flowers and gardens, but not the work of making it all happen. Yes, I’m lazy like that. I think it’s amazing that a bluebell led to concepts about social order.

  2. Wonderful pictures! I am inspired by my garden for different reasons… more to do with the persistence and determination of weeds to completely take over. 🙂

    • I wish I could take credit but my dad is truly the green fingered one. I think world building is one of my favourite parts of writing. The only limit is imagination!

  3. I’m totally jealous of your garden. It’s amazing, as are your photos. I was once inspired by a Rafflesia, a flower that emits an odor similar to decaying meat. Truly, inspiration is strange and unpredictable. Great post!

    • Thank you!

      Also that’s such a good example! I love odd plants and the Rafflesia have got to be up there with the weirdest. Not only do they have that odd stench but the flower alone can be over a metre in diameter! Plus they look kind of like something Mario should be jumping on.

  4. Ooooh, love that you found world-building inspiration in your garden. And those plants … it’s like they’re looking at me!

  5. I bow before you. I can’t grow anything plant based – I once killed a fake plant. No, really, I did.

    I love the pictures, and admire gardens. They do have a lot of inspiration. One flower set off my brain and now I’m planning a new book 🙂

  6. Hi Celuth! I love gardening. This past winter was so hard, I lost many perennials– or they’re hiding still (fingers crossed). 😦 One group that didn’t come back was the Euphorbia–your sneaky snapped pic, I recognized the flower 🙂 –a favorite of mine for the blue-green leaves. When I’m in the garden, the world makes sense and ideas flow. May it ever be so. 😀

    • I’m so sorry to hear you lost so many! Most of ours seem to be coming out now. I can totally see why the Euphorbia was one of your favourites – we got it in the end. Just too beautiful to leave behind!

  7. Such gorgeous photos… This is why I have my own little garden in the backyard… a great place to escape sometimes:)

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