A Very Special NaNo

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 is rapidly approaching and I am now in full swing preparation mode. At the weekend I finally finished draft two of the second Twyned Earth novel just in time for me to properly plot out the third.

For me, this will be a very special NaNoWriMo event. This is when I plan to start (and hopefully finish) the final novel to finish this story arc. I cannot wait to have it all down on paper (or Scrivener). Part of the reason for this is that, despite having two completed novels, I still don’t really feel like I’ve finished any of them because the main story arc is not complete. Honestly, I don’t know how professional authors do it – I don’t know if I could let go of a novel until the overall arc is finished. The closer I get to having the whole thing finished, the harder time I have thinking of it as three separate works.

Once the trilogy is complete I am going to be scouring through it for continuity errors, repetitions and other equally fun things until my brain is mush. I will then put it away for a few months and do it all again. My workmates think I’m insane but I’m sure my fellow writers understand – this work is my baby and you can be damn sure I’m going to do my best to make it good.

I think, once the work is completed as a whole, I will begin to consider whether it is worth trying to query book one. It’s a big and nerve-wracking step (yes, just thinking about it – I’m a wuss) but it is something I’ve been putting off thinking about. So now I’m going to put it off again with a bugger tonne of editing. As I’ve previously mentioned, I won’t be upset it I decide against querying as I’ve loved every moment I spent writing it. For now though, it is still a possibility.

With the nano cabin assignments yesterday, I am now extra excited. I even have a (very rough) synopsis up for it. I now know all of the major events in the story and have plotted scene by scene over a third of it. Huzzah! Though, I am slightly worried this is going to be much longer than the previous books. There’s a lot to pack into here. Oh well, that’s what the editing process is for.

So, who else is doing camp? Is this NaNo special for anyone else?

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