To Hand Write A Horror Story

Recently I have been feeling that too much of my writing occurs sat at my desk in a darkened room, eyes fixed onto the computer screen before me. Prior to my big break from writing (also known as University) I mostly hand wrote stories and more often than not I did it in my garden or out on walks. I’m quite fortunate to live in such a beautiful area and the surrounding landscape can be incredibly inspirational. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and have come to the conclusion that this may be partly why I feel my writing is slightly lacking at the moment, most specifically in the setting department. I need to get out more, write out and about more, leave the desk and the room behind and just write where ever my feet end up taking me.

As such, I’ve decided to start handwriting a story which I’ve been toying with the plot of for a week or so now. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a short story or a novella or what just yet (these things have a habit of growing on me without permission) but I am going to be hand writing the whole of the first draft and writing none of it from the comfort of my own home. I plan on writing in a whole variety of different places so that I can absorb the different sounds, smells and sights and channel them as I work. This is probably going to start out slow until there is more than half an hour of daylight after I finish work but it’s going to happen! I’m looking forward to seeing the results and am hoping that it will help me inject a bit more depth back into my settings.

I’m also very much looking forward to writing this story as it will be completely different to my norm of high fantasy. It’s been a good few years since I last put one of my horror stories down on paper (or Word document) so I’m excited to see if I’ve still ‘got it’. I’ve chosen this particular idea to hand write as setting and atmosphere are, in my opinion, essential elements in a horror story for building tension and dread. I love a horror story that feels as though it is transporting me into the room with the characters so I can feel their fear as though it were my own and I think I’m going to need some extra inspiration while writing this to properly put me in the mood for it.

I have the idea. I have the gorgeous and extravagant notebook. Now I just need it to be a little closer to Spring and to write this sucker out!

5 responses to “To Hand Write A Horror Story

  1. You just summed up exactly how I’ve been feeling lately every time I sit down to write. I see the same four walls, the same window, and the same light. It all feels so drab and draining that it’s all I can do to poke and prod at my keyboard. Maybe I’ll try a change of venue too and see if that helps. I’d wear a freaking clown suit at this point if my creativity would get back to work!

    Well, no, I wouldn’t really do that. Clowns are creepy.

    • I hope you get over the block soon! And I agree 100 % about the clown thing. You should try dressing as a velociraptor instead. I did that once and it was the best day ever.

  2. Thanks for visiting/following my blog. As it just so happens your post touches on my subject for next week’s Thursday’s Children post. If you would like to join the blog hop and share something about what inspires you – perhaps tell about one of the places you end up writing this week – please do. We’re always happy to have new joiners and you can do it every week or just once or whatever suits you 🙂 email or tweet me if you have questions.

    • Thanks also to you for visiting! I would love to take part in Thursday’s Children, after all what is writing without inspiration? I may not start with my wanders (it’s still pretty chilly and dark out there) but I’m sure they’ll end up here at some point. As soon as I work out how to do the linky thing that is 🙂

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