The Editing Wonderland

Well, I’ve been away for a while! In a whirl of life I’ve left this blog a little neglected and I do apologise. However, now with certain tests and the festive season in the past things should settle down and hopefully I can resume normal operating. deToday seemed a good day to return as I finished book two of the Twyned Earth series last night. Huzzah! Just one more book in the opening trilogy to go.

I know that a lot of writers detest – and I do mean detest – the editing process. I am not among these writers. Personally, I love editing. I adore the stories that I write (or I wouldn’t write them!) but I always get caught up in the moment and find myself running before I can crawl. The story always ends up with inconsistencies and gaps that really make the whole thing seem, well… appalling. Editing is where you can take that massive chunk of prose and make it good. I’ve found that even with a little editing I’m so much happier with it. Book two didn’t come as easily to me as the first one did, particularly as I didn’t have as much time to plan. A lot more is going to change through the editing process in this book than the last – and I can’t wait for it!

One of the things this particular story was lacking in was depth in the minor characters – most of them didn’t even have names. Now, they are coming to life and turning into people in their own right. While writing, I hated having such obvious filler folks but now they all have not only personalities but back stories of their own and, thanks to that, places in future novels. Basically I’ve only done one day of editing and already I can feel this turning into a book I’ll some day be proud of.

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